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Emperor Emmanuel Church Concern

Church expresses concern in Kerala

First Published : 21 Apr 2009 12:24:00 AM IST

Last Updated : 21 Apr 2009 12:08:33 PM IST

THRISSUR: Mushrooming of independent Catholic sects has become a major concern for the Church of late for they have the potential to pose as a threat to the authority and stability of the Church in future.The growing concern of the Church has resulted in the reading out of a pastoral letter, jointly addressed by KCBC president Rev Daniel Acharuparambil, Major Archbishop of Syromalabar Church Mar Varky Vithayathil and Catholicos of Malankara Church Baselios Mar Clemis, in all the churches under Thrissur Archdiocese at the Holy Mass on Sunday.The letter pointed out that after 1965, the charismatic movement had been very much helpful for the revitalisation of the organisation of the Church. This has given rise to charismatic retreat centres, bible conventions and prayer groups contributing significantly to the spiritual progress of the Church and the faithful.However, the movement had also led to formation of independent Catholic sects which discard the tradition and directions of the Church. KCBC viewed these sects dangerous as they misinterpreted the Bible in their own way to mislead the faithful.The letter also pointed out that ‘Emperor Emmanuel Trust’ at Muriyad in Irinjalakuda diocese, ‘Amma’ in Mala, ‘Upper Room’ in Kanjirappilly, ‘Corner Stone’, ‘Spirit in Jesus’ and ‘Atmabhishekam’ in Ernakulam are some such groups functioning without the permission and consent of the Church.While cautioning the faithful against these groups, the pastoral letter exhorted them not to attend the retreats and prayer meetings organised by these groups without the permission of the Church. The letter asked vicars of parish churches to make earnest efforts to bring back those who had joined in such groups owing to persuasion.The vicars were also asked to remain in close contact with the families of the faithful in the parish.Talking to Express, Senior vicargeneral of Thrissur Archdiocese, Fr Raphael Thattil said that the Archdiocese viewed this with serious concern and necessary steps to control prayer, preaching and counselling groups were underway.He said that around 300 persons from the Archdiocese had been authorised to undertake preaching, counselling and intercessory prayer and issued identity cards.He said that these cardholders would be given regular training to ensure that they did not deviate from the path prescribed by the Church.

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  1. Hey Good work man. We should act promptly against these sects, not because they are blatantly criticizing catholic church but are spreading very false thoughts and fear in the society. I have a very close relative associated with this new sect whose ideas are unvalidated in all means. There was a very long conversation between us regarding their faith and everything ended with his quote " this cannot be revealed to you now". anyways, thank you for this online platform. we should spread this as much wide as possible.

  2. Hey could you please send ur email Id to me?. I couldn't find that on ur profile. I have got some thots to share regarding this topic.

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  7. hi AJ i too agree with you.i too have relatives stuck in these..one in emperor church and oder in spirit in jesus.both say only what they say is right.they are just brainwashed.the emperor church got a 6 stage retreat.they call it in different names.but it is purely based on psychological brain washing like in the army and terrorist groups.they dnt allow them to hear from anybody else until they are washed out completely.the man who leads them was a retreater in catholic church.also formerly he was a known believer.he got kicked out not only bcoz he criticized the preists but becoz he was luring people away from the truth.u mentioned abt d dialogue "cannot be explaine to you" right? even my relative said it first.but she told me laterwords.the secret is that the world is goin to end soon.n nly those in the emperor church will survive.also dey r quotin some versus in revelations..v know dat world will end.n jesus came to select people.den y is it such a secret 4 dem.bcoz dey hav been made to think so.d retreater has manipulated deir minds.may god show mercy on his soul!den i asked one question "wat abt d missionarie of catholic church who are still sheddin deir blood in orissa and africa to spread d word of jesus ,to help oders.will dey be neeglected by jesus 4 not joinin d emperor church"??u know wat answer she gave ,"i dont know and u wil never understand." tell who is nt understandin me or her?she says if a preist had sinned den dat sin wil com up on us while takin holy qurban.den i asked "r u sayin dat d holy qurban doesnt hav d sancsity to purify us?"no answer again.she was astonished n manipulated by deir leader.she doesnt evn go to church nw.wat gud has deir leader done to his followers?he just seperated them from d real church ,ie,Jesus.dats wat he did.i 2 agree dat our church has many flaws.but is leaving church d right choice.did noah leav d country wen all oders wid him were sinners.god wil save u werevr u r if u r gud at soul.plz note dat.now see everybody wants to attack catholic church.from that only we can guess why.satan is tryin in all the ways dont fall for it!!

  8. To lezz.. my dear i have only one answer to you and a question!!god is not going to judge you on what the priests do, also did jesus teach you to judge oders??am not saying priests are invincible.they are human beings.when you point out d flaws,didn't you get time to check how the catholic missionaries are suffering in orissa and africa..??and now my question is "Are you ready to go to Orissian forests or African countries as a missionary or will your so called leader go?it needs faith to die for jesus.and how much u criticize d church it will never fall as promised by jesus to st.peter.hope your bible has that verse too!

  9. and aj mail me to catholics2010@yahoo.com .i wnt be regular, bt i wl try to reply.n do pray to god 4 these new sects ..may god gain dem bak.its impossible 4 us..but 4 him nothing is impossible..dere are many families getting uprooted because of these sore of spiritual leaders.the emperor emmanuel church is not a 'church' it is a trust.check out online why people create trusts.just watch around us to see d working of trusts..4 money and fame..self proclaimed a_sholes.forgive my language.i lost my mother in this.can dis spiritual leaders giv me bak my real mother?

    1. I think Jesus will only fulfill his Father's will and not the will of society, people or world or church. But whoever does the will of Father they are my brother, sister and mother. This is what told by Jesus. God says your thought is not my thought in Isaiah 55:8-9. 17Anyone who resolves to do the will of God will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own. 18Those who speak on their own seek their own glory; but the one who seeks the glory of him who sent him is true, and there is nothing false in him. John 7:17-18.

      Don't believe rumors. Believe WORD OF GOD.

      Read Luke 12:51-53; Matthew 13:36-43;
      These are the End days. The judgement day has come. Father is coming to this earth and Son of God Jesus Christ has already come in flesh and his name is Emmanuel. This is the Truth.

  10. and lezz if you surf some more you will get some more websites claiming to satan believers'. will you believe dat too????y everyone attack catholic church??its a wonder no?no satan believer will criticize ur church..its lik wat jesus sed,satan wn't fight themselves..

  11. also lezz der is one topic in dis blog titled "don't be fooled by the new theories of emperor emmanuel church......"..read it and mail me your answers or queries to catholics2010@yahoo.com

  12. Asha.. Have communicated to your email id as well. Leaving a Church or hurting family sentiments is not a small decision. Hope you understand that. Freud may enlighted you more on this. The people who have joined have all taken their time to consider what they have heard is the truth, how it impacts their families and then made a decision. Everybody is keen and pray that not only their family but all people realise and try to live truthful lives. If you believed in the true Catholic faith, then how come you are campaigning against people who are actually trying to live in it. Rather you should be talking to those who are not living by it ??

  13. hi lezz i wudn't ever argue against you if you were in catholic church and wanted to correct it.but ur in anoder church n left d catholic church as if its wrong from top to bottom.d idea of changin d church,ie ,to move out from catholic church is wat i condemn.y can't u live rightfully inside catholic church?y do u think god wil punish a catholics 4 d sins of priests?do u know one thng,it is sed by jesus to st..peter dat d catholic church wl last til d world's end.so be in it.dan being outside n criticizing.

  14. hi Agent of what? please stop arguing for something which u people r not able to understand. God's ways r different from yours. Pls read Jer.7/1-15. do u know what is the 3rd secret that Mother Mary given to Sr. Lucy in Fatima? ask ur priest (he may not tell u the true secret, so search teh net, u will get it). when Jesus do not want the church he build once,why u all r crying for nothing. be faithful. if ur mother has taken the right way, then be thankfull to her. If u cant understand ur mother, then u will never understand teh ways of God.

  15. Yeshu, wats d past life of ur preacher??n is he so perfect dat he had never sinned??or r u??it is easy to give up faith..like u!!n if catholic church is totally bad den y did sr.lucy die as a catholic??r u sayin if i remain in catholic church i wn't be saved?if u think so, knw which spirit is guiding you??by d way do u know spirit in jesus??r dey too right?

  16. AGENT...what is your worth that you comment on the past life of others...of what worth was mary Magdalene or Mathew the Tax Collector or any of the disciples...the criteria is not man's worthiness but my Father's grace and righteousness...if my Father wants, even a donkey will speak for Him...consider us at EE, donkeys for our Father because scholars like you refuse to respond to Him.

  17. Yes i too dont care about deir past life..n dats d very reason y i am a catholic..n if u dn't care abt d lives of ur preacher n d priest, y do ur church hav to say dat all d priests in catholic church r sinners?have u checked all of dem??by d way am not a scholar or anythin..very soon wen ur church have d same tests da we r havin now,we will see who will last..!!

  18. please tell me is this catholic church or protestant or pentacost do this church believe in MOTHER MARY(MOTHER OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE)waiting for reply

    1. This is the true church of God. come and see. Beliefs comes from what you hear.(Rom 10:17) 1 cor. 2:9.

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  20. when i and no mom was travellin in train to ma dads place a family entered the train and they had put their rosary...our train was stuck up in palakad for16 hrs due to derailment these ppl asked ma mom shall we talk sum thin abt bible ma mom bein a catholic was very happy and said yes SURE..
    then wat happ...ma mom said we will say the rosary they said ok ok and ignored then ma mom said DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET AND ROSARY alone for the train to move forward, they were forcing us to come to retreat and said its all abt catholics u will have a great change we did not get enough cash while travelling coz its risky so we keep a minimum amount to travel...i believe GOD HELPED US...
    they forced in many ways but the GRACE OF MARY HELPED...but one incident we got trapped and obeyed wat they said we got down at palakad coz the train was delayed for 16 hrs due to derailment..but suddenly the anouncement came that kanyakunari exp is gona move...again GOD HELPED US...we dint no it was a protestand church we believed tat is was a catholic church ...wen we reached to ma dads place a phone call came dat 2seats r reserved 4 u plzzzzzzzz come we still do not know its a protestant church we planed to go again to this retreat but belive ma dear frnd MOTHER MARY WORKED A MIRACLE.we phoned to this church they lied tat it is catholic church and phone call came dat it is a pentacost church and they cheat ppl by putting a rosary..we thanked GOD AND MARY OUR MOTHER for saving us from getting brainwasher......THANK U LORD JESUS PRAISE U LORD JESUS
    ADVICE:dont go by ppl who put rosary they might tell u different stores but enquire abt dat place to many persons and seek the advice of the priest...

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  22. hi anurag, dis emperor emmanuel church is a trust formed by an ex-divine preacher..all dese emperor,spirit in jesus,amma and all have a single aim, to distract u from true faith..dey say dat dey r real catholics and protectors of faith..d real faith is actually to stay in catholic church n be loyal dan goin out of it and sayin only our sect is goin to be saved..dey forget to see d kind face of god and d real meaning of his words..praise god dat ur saved from deir misleadings..warn ur family and friends too...god wil be wid u..mother mary will pray for us and the archangel st.micheal will protect our church..

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  24. EMPEROR EMMANUEL...........

  25. Dear friends, Be vijil on God's matters. Read scripture and believe in God ...Not anything else. God will ask you not anyone cocerning you...You be fat=ithful by knowing Word of God and believe and be faithfull and be obediant ..Amen

  26. Stay away from this Emperor Emmanuel Retreat, for your own good. It is causing a lot of division in families and among friends etc. This group is almost satanic.Their main aim is to pull catholics out of the church and its also a money makin racket.They talk against the church and priest and brainwash people who go for the retreat. Those who do not want to go for this retreat as they have discerned it is wrong,these people force, they almost bribe saying if u dont go to the retreat there is no salvation for u. Guys just keep in mind that the Holy Catholic Church does have its faults. However Jesus himself 2010 years ago founded this Church.St. Peter denied Jesus. Even then he entrusted the Church to him. Therefore we should not go against Jesus's authority.We should pray for the renewal of the Church, we should pray for our priest who are but frail human beings just like u & me, however God has given them a great responsibility,and Jesus has promised in the bible that hell will not prevail against the Church.

  27. I have a bunch of friends who went for this retreat, there are youngsters who have gone against their parents,husbands against their wives etc.Thats the kind of havoc this Emperor Emmanuel retreat is causing. Those who want their friends to go for the retreat are actually fasting and prayin...(not to God but to Satan they are not even aware of it as they are brainwashed)n the result of it is youth failing in their exams youth loosing their jobs.Some of these people goin for this retreat are harming others in these ways,and putting fear in their minds. But I must say despite all of this God has worked in a mighty way to keep his people safe. God saved me from this retreat by giving me the discerment from the very start that this retreat is not from Him. God has saved few of my friends too from going to this retreat. I praise and thank God for his love and protection.

    aLL of us who God has given the grace to realize that this Emperor Emmanuel retreat is not from Him, should pray regularaly the rosary,and ask Mother Mary to protect her children. Pray that to St.Michael that satan may be defeated.

  28. Dear Friend, Wich is more dangerous..Stand against your family,friends,church Or stand against the living God, Who is revealed in the Scripture... Think and act time is very short for you.Amen

  29. Dear Friends,The most important Commandment is 'Love your God with all your Heart , Soul, Strength (Body) and Mind... By compromising it one may feel peace on earth...But not the orginal whis is everlasting. Without that what all things you claim that you have is in vain. Use your intelligence or faith in God's word.. You may think towards God by reading the word of God... First you may attend this Retreat as Gamaliel said. (If you know and understand what Gamaliel said in the book of Acts 5:37-40)Amen

  30. Is any deference between Philosophycal Theology and Theological Philosophy... Think about it... That is the tragedy of the Catholic Church..

  31. Dear Friends of Christ,
    There were times, laity was not permitted to preach the good news to the public, even though it was a command from the Lord to preach to the whole world. Church never permits to preach the Good News to the public even though the disciples of Jesus Christ were preaching. The church lost her committment to preach to the public. The so calld theologians in the church may remember there was "mondelam" in every church where public( non-christians) were invited to listen to the Sunday preachings. Where is that custom? Where is that "mondelam" in modern church structure? Now all are running for imitating local culture - temple type churches, mosque type, gurudwaras, including shiva -linga alter- by great Jesuits and modern theologians, the defenders of church and her faith. Church advised her children not to preach the Good News to the poor and gave a thrust to live a life of Good News, that is nice but failed in both. Those who advise the same literally failed to practice. Ultimately there is no preaching or practice. Love of God is unknown to the world. Exceptions!!! This is the orientation laity got from the church. many bishps asked me who is your spiritual director. I said, all my spiritual directors left the church, then what is the credibility of this priest to be a spiritual director of laity ministries? Forget about it, that is gone. Many times, many lay leaders of the church are quoting "the teachings of the church", who is behind this teaching? The great theologinas, those who never believe the scriptuire;underestimating the teachings of Jesus Christ that Jesus himself refered "the blood of Abel", those who can make dog a lamb and lamb a dog...with their petty philosophy , good for nothing in the ministry of Good News.
    Thy are Philosophical Theologians, but it would have been nice if they were Theological Philosophers.Even now Church is not understanding that "charismatic movement without eucharistic foundation" - is a blunder. Any way time is gone. The feeders of the lamb failed to feed the sheep the way the Master commanded. Feed my sheep, feed my sheep .. they failed to give the body and blood of Jesus as Jesus commanded, but they stopped it, carelessly, with their petty philosophy, "In body there is blood." They failed to underastand the very purpose of body and blood. Body is for eternal life and Blood is for the forgiveness of sin (1 Jn 1: 7-8.)The blind leads the blind to the pit of darkness. There is no light. If anybody in the catholic church is having the capacity and credibility to teach the scripture, tell a few names and adress, we will meet, to have a scriptural conversation. Prove yourselves and become the defenders of church and her faith. Church promoted the priestly ministry but failed to understand the importance of the prophetic ministries under the light of the scripture. some priests are taking the role of a prophet not the prophet of God but of the church. They may be the devotees of the church but not of God. Prayerfully waiting for your creative response for the glory of God, if it is God's will in this regard. Amen.

  32. For all those who are against Emperor Emmanuel, I have one thing to say to you. Read the Bible. Contrary to popular belief among the church the Bible is given to us so we can know the truth. It is not some history book or story book. Every word in it is real and brings you closer to God the Father.

  33. why is the catholic church not teaching that apart from Jesus Christ; Son of God, Father God is also going to come!? 1John:3:1-3: This is the greatest of Hopes! Our Dad is coming!!

    What is the third secret of Fatima? Why it is hidden from you if you are strong follower of the catholic church.
    Sr. Lucy died according to the message of the mother.
    St. Peter is not the rock, but whoever lives according to the word, that means Word (God Jn:1:1) is the rock.

    Why do you fear? Fear is not from God. If you have fear, that is because you are not ready to receive your master, who had asked everyone to be ready.

    Why is catholic church not able to preach with regard to the second coming of Jesus Christ, the Head and Master of the church? When Mother had given Messages to various people in the Catholic church about the second pentacost and the coming of our Lord, Why the people are clueless!? That means they are not ready and not obidient to their master who had commanded them to be ready for His coming, i.e. Second coming. Is there anybody getting ready in catholic church to receive Her King and Master?
    And friends do you believe that the Word of God is truth?
    If you believe so, Don't you understand the Word Matthew 24:14-15: Even Jesus Christ had asked every believer who "grasps" to flee!! Have you not read Wisdom 14:27, and Daniel 9:27?

  34. Dear Friends in Jesus Christ,

    To those criticize Emperor Emmanuel,
    I request you to just attend and try to listen what is preached there from God's viewpoint and not being partial to any church. Because here we have no permanent city. God destines actions, whom are we to judge God?

    Do you wish to fullfill the Will of Almighty Father or the Will of yours or the Church?
    If you wish to do the will of the Father you will understand?
    What is the Will of the Father?

  35. Dear Friends in Jesus Christ!

    It is God who gives us mother, father, children, friends and family. If God wants, He can take it back. Have you not read Job?

    It is the gift of God. We cannot choose.

    What will you do in a room which is burning in fire, you start searching for your things and belongings or start to flee? Have you not read the First Pope's second letter chapter 3 verses 10-12?

  36. Shalom, hope this friends of christ will read & understand what u wrote here. Halleluiah!!!!!!!!!!1

  37. The Catholic church has survived for 2000 years. but it is not because of the power of the so called Bishops and priests but because of Word of God. The destruciton of it is sure as the dawn because it has lost the word of God and the obedience to the Holy spirit.All know that the Authorities and directors of the Catholic Church aim at money making not serving to the poor or the God. almost all the bishops are running behind money.

  38. Peter said " I don't have silver or gold but in the name of Jesus of Nasreth Be healed...." Book aof Acts. After the money come we are not able to depend on the resources of God..." Think act for the glory of God God alone and His Name...see you

  39. Dear friends,

    If you are interested in studying about Emperor Emmanuel, then I would suggest you to study about the number of Doomsday cults that exists in the world, just like EE.

    Read about "The Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God"(MRTC). They killed more than 600 people in Kanungu, Uganda. They also claimed the same things that Emperor Emmanuel is claiming. They also teach the same thing that EE is teaching.

    I did some study about both EE and MRTC. I have few questions to EE followers.

    1. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) teaching the same things?
    2. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) led by ex-communicated catholic priests?
    3. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) both warning about the end of the world and the visions from Virgin Mary?
    4. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) violating basic human rights like the right to education, health, property, marriage, freedom, speech, parenthood, childhood, etc.?
    5. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) separating families by forcing members not to marry and divorce from non-believing partners?
    6. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) detaching from the society?
    7. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) building camps and living so closely to conceal your activities?
    8. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) forbiding procreation?
    9. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) relied on deception, prophecies and lies through selective readings of the Bible? Why the Bible is read out of context?
    10. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) want their followers to be propertyless and helpless?
    11. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) asking the followers to sell their properties and give everything to the organization?
    12. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) detaching your followers even from their non-believing close relatives to hide what's happening inside?
    13. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) teaching that three days of consecutive darkness that will engulf the whole world and how only their camps were supposed to be safe havens, something reminiscent of the biblical Noah’s Ark?
    14. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) revolving around a belief that some people were talking with God through visions and had received warnings from the Blessed Virgin Mary about the end of the world by the year (2012, 2024 etc..)
    15. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) frightening your followers and threatening other people about the doomsday?
    16. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) consider whatever non-believers speak is devilish? Whomsover doesnt respect you will get the wrath of God?
    17. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) considering yourselves as the chosen people?
    18. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) you promising your followers that when all this happened, everybody would perish except their followers and that whatever remained on earth would be theirs alone and that they would then start communicating directly with Jesus?
    19. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) so much behind Catholics as if no body else in this world needs to be saved?
    20. Why are you both(EE & MRTC) want your followers to be liars?

    One of EE follower(Yeshu Sophie) tried answering these. And she seemed to agree for many of them. Go through our discussion here.



  40. Read more about MRTC, Uganda here. You can find out where EE is going..





  41. Renjith chacha, u have the answer to ur queries in the 1st place where u blogged it. why don't u go and read it, what is the use of writing the same thing everywhere.

  42. AEA Uncle, I'll try to follow your instruction.. Kindly pardon me for writing everywhere..

  43. To shalom, if there isn't any permanent city here, why is emperor emmanuel trust(r) muriyad, thrissur (muriyad was formerly the head quarters of spirit in jesus also.) is building a big flat spending crores of rupees naming it as noah's ark-2(like Hollywood movie series)?

  44. And sony, how many priests and sisters do you know.there are more than 1.5 billion catholics in the world.and if u find some wrong,don't blame it to all.if you are ready will take you to orissa,assam and all and will show you how difficultly our missionaries are working there.bu they are finding happiness in that.they take it as a chance to serve god and to realize jesus way of cross.if you blame hese loyal servants of god who are innocent and faithful ,god's wrath will be up on you.judge no one because you too will be judged in the same way.Why to go to assam and all.just look around..go to a sneha bhavan,asha bhavan,karunaalayam or prathyasha bhavan located all over across kerala, and see it by your own eye how our priests and nuns are working there.there are aids patients,homeless,aged,widows,abandoned children and all.see how happily they are serving these persons.how can yo say that god will destroy them?when did the god give the judgment to mr.ponnara's hand?do yo know one thing,the judgment day is not even disclosed to jesus,the son of god.it is written in bible.it is satan who wants to spread fear across the globe who is disclosing all these false dates.Let's be good in heart and love our 'abba-faher' with full heart.trust him and you shall be saved.keep away from fictional bible explanations.satan does that.remember how he tested jesus.pray and find god in our fellow men.help them in all needs.it is this charity and truth, not the flat named noah's ark-2 going to save you.read the bible completely to see verses about this.god bless us all.hallelujah.praise the lord.

  45. I have not attended this retreat, but I will definitely, whatsoever ban or obstacles come.
    Luke 10:25-27 says :
    The Parable of the Good Samaritan
    On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus. "Teacher," he asked, "what must I do to inherit eternal life?"
    "What is written in the Law?" he replied. "How do you read it?"
    He answered: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with your entire mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.

    Am sure Catholic Church does not know the meaning of this …

  46. Please download and read the report from the following link. It was created by a person who attended the so called retreat in 'Zion' , Muriyad, thrissur..

  47. asha,

    i dont know whether you have attanded anything of the retreat. If you have and then sayin all these.. please be with ur church and do not disturb us

  48. The 20 questions put by ranjith does not make any sense and many he can ask themselves... What did jesus call the pharisees and the people who insisted on obeying laws according to their worldliness : " Hypocrites" (Kapadanatyakkare.....)

  49. asha.. i have replied to many of ur questions in silicon india

  50. have you read about noahs ark and the graet flood? what did god say after that..find and read in bible... do not make assumptions

  51. Dear GS,

    What do you say about Noah's Ark in Uganda, which was set on fire by the cult's leaders? What about their teachings which matches 90% with EE?

    What do you say about the recent cult, which got foiled by Australian police?


    I've never heard of multiple Noah's Ark in Bible..

    EE is just halucinations of Mr. Ponnara.. Nothing more than that..

  52. What did jesus call the pharisees and the people who insisted on obeying laws according to their worldliness : " Hypocrites" (Kapadanatyakkare.....)

    You should better ask this yourself.. You are trying to obey the law according to their worldliness..

    You deserved to be called Hyprocrites..

  53. what a wonderful story comming out in vatican official site,The entire catholic church is afraid about emperor emmanuel. quantitatively speaking an elephant is afraid of an ant, think about the relevance of this phenomena... since God is with David the Goliath should be afraid that is what the church is learning from the history.so emperor emmanuel gets lot of importance here.because it is led by the spirit of truth(The word of God).emperor emmanuel church holds only word of God. then why catholic church is afraid about the Word of God the true weapon of emperor emmanuel, not any money, wealth and political strength."It is a serious thing to disregard God's Law, as you will see from the following events" (2Maccabees4:17). jose

  54. The Emperor Emmanuel Church brainwashes people,makes them attend 5 so called retreats known as levels 1,2,3,4,5....
    1)Some of their guys tell me that by going for all their levels they come to know the name of Abba Father.What so great in that? Do you call your earthly father by his name or do you call him Daddy or dadda.What sense does that make?

    2)Talking about priests??
    Priests are human,they are bound to sin.They are the annointed one's chosen by God.These guys state that Holy Communion should not be taken from the hand of a priest. Why? If a priest has sinned he's answerable to God,not to man,God sanctifies the holy Communion when its given to you.
    3)People after attending the retreat sell their properties and go to Kerala to settledown,thinking that all those who settle down in Kerala will be saved during the end times,
    Moral: Just because the add's show Kerala as God's Own country that doesn't mean God dwells only there,He's everywhere specially in the Roman Catholic Church.
    Noel D'souza

  55. The Catholic Church is not afraid,It cares for their people just as a shepherd cares for his flock,No Shepherd wants his sheep to mix with Wolves,do you know why? do you understand why? Because they will die.......Sell your property..Wow and the best joke coming out from God's own country, Kerala "You should not have a bank Balance",if thats so thenwhat do you eat? GRASS

  56. Good Samaritan .....Most of the people who come to Emperor Emmanuel Church are anpads, homeless,jobless,brainless and half starved.....They come there,hear shit,spread the contagious junk where ever they go and call themselves the chosen ones,,,they are not the chosen ones they are the chosen fools....Why has that Emmanuel built a three storey ark???????????? (Guess he might have been inspired by Rajnikant)) hahahahaha,,,,Ok after the flooding was over god showed a rainbow as a promise that he would never destroy the world by water,,whats the use of the big ark then ?????

  57. I think EE will start their own bar, as God's own country is famous for drinking. They'll start saying we should start drinking, as Jesus used to drink wine.

  58. Yeah Renjith I completely support you and the Roman Catholic Church as a person's life from my family has been nearly destroyed because of the shit preachings of that self Proclaimed Intellectual.

  59. Dear Noel,

    If you are interested in studying about Emperor Emmanuel, then I would suggest you to study about the number of Doomsday cults that exists in the world, just like EE.

    Read about "The Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God"(MRTC). They killed more than 600 people in Kanungu, Uganda. They also claimed the same things that Emperor Emmanuel is claiming. They also teach the same thing that EE is teaching.

    Also read about the cult named "Agape Ministries" in Australia. They also have the same ideology.



  60. Hey thanks Renjith I will do that

  61. what is a church? when 2 or 3 prayer together thats call the church.why u people r so concern about the building please grow in faith.In the first coming Jesus Christ came to destroyer the temple n he is coming for the same can u save it ,if GOD wants to destroyer than stop saying n repent for your sin n sin no more for THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NEAR ONLY THE PEOPLE EAGERLY WAITING FOR HIM WILL BE SAVED N WHATEVER IS SPOKEN IN THE RETREAT IN EMPEROR EMMANUEL CHURCH IS PURE WORD OF GOD CAN THE WORD OF GOD BE A LIE THAN WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THE HOLY BIBLE IS A LIE U R SAYING THAT. STOP N GROW IN FAITH

  62. Dear all,

    The salvation is not a package which we receive when we join any sect.

    Where ever u are (if u r catholic be there, if u r a jacobite be there, if u r a part of some other church be there) be there But purify our lives,bear fruits, deepen in the unconditional love of God, do our duties and go forward.

    If world is going to end then dont worry Jesus will take us in the right time.
    1 Peter 5 :6 says " stand humble under the mighty hand of god, he will lift you up in the right time "
    Being a true Christian we should live in such a way that every day could be the last day of our lives. So each day we can try to be more loving, polite, forgiving,more prayerful etc..
    People are decieved by these kind of groups.
    As Ephesian 6:10 says our battle is not with flesh, it is with the evil powers that even prvails in Heavenly places.
    So let us pray for the conversion of such groups and defend us with the power of prayers, Humility, love and Holiness in life.

  63. Dear brother,

    By just reading word of God alone we wont be able to understand it in the right manner.
    The Jewish Rubbies (priests) knew word of God but still they could not accept the Messiah.
    We can see that Satan is also uttering the word of God (verses from Psalms 91) to Jesus in the desert, asking Jesus to jump from the Synagogue.
    So word of god learning should be inspired by Holyspirit and guided by the Church.Then only we will know the inner meaning of it.
    There were thousands of Saints in Catholic Church and they never found any fault with the church. Those Saints' collective divine experiences & knowledge is a treasure of graces in the church.
    For an example the saint called Padre Pio who died in the modern age (1968 Italy)was reported to have bilocations,stigmata etc..He was just a poor franciscan priest in the catholic church. He converted thousands of sinners to a holy lives including leading Italian film actress of those times by Just listening to their confessions and praying & fasting for them. Only Holyspirit can do true conversion of a sinner. So its evdent that Padre Pio had holyspiritin him in abundance.( his movie is available in net)
    I'm not telling that holyspirit is not working other churches , but only trying to say that Catholic faith is true and it has more than enough resources to help us to lead a holy life which is Centric to CHRIST alone.
    If the Church is not established by Jesus himself it would have perished by this time.
    If u read history of church there were saints and a well as sinners in the church, inspite of the sinners climbing to the top positions in the church & tryig to destory it rom within ,nothing happened to the church due to the divine providence. Jesus himself had a betrayer in his group (Judas),Though Jesus knew Judas's motives, He lovingly & mercifully kept him with his other 11 desciples.

    Always remember Verses from Ephesians 6: 10 onwards 'our battle is not against flesh".
    So as Martin Luther did , a human way of protest can not change church or people, only by fighting a spiritual battle we can win.
    For fighting that battle good faith, HUMILITY , power of prayers, holiness in life etc are required.

    BE WARE of new SECTS who sells salvation in Packages.

  64. there is no sects and church... there is only one faith established by jesus christ.... all sects were formed for power and greed of chairs .tell me which church has given followers for jesus christ.all of them make followers for their own churches. Emperor emmanuel is not a church or a sect as we believe the right to form a church remains with god the fatehr and the son who des his will . We will wait until he come and names our church . John 7:24
    Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.
    Those who want to know the truth visit the site www.emperoremmanuelchurch.org
    This is just a synopsis and the whole truth you will know only when you come out and listen. And the scripture says where the truth will be spoken in this time. Where the seals are removed and truth revealed .That place is holy.
    Remember when Jesus came out with teachings/gospel he was demeaned, defamed, and even called mad and there are many who believed he had evil .But many righteous who believed he was Christ. You want to fall in the right category seek the truth. For those who do not believe in word of god and second coming of jesus there is nothing to be explained. This guy whose making pages of explanation , who claims to have attended the retreat and trying give caution throughout is not from god.
    Anwers to all accusations are here :


    VISIT www.emperoremmanuelchurch.org

    some 110 crore has already left catholic church(the back benchers) , why this time there is a problem , when people from front row of the church moved out. but when truth is spoken it is never praising anybody and seeks only the glory of father.

    reply to all accusations are here:

  66. Emperor Emmanuel church SAYS the church established by jesus and named on peter was the one and only true church ... but the scripture also says what will happen to the church. The third mystery of fathima was hidden/distorted by chucrh and reveals destruction of church and how anti/end christ will slowly rule over it.Not only that mother mary has given number of apparitions and messages in early century and given similar messages in many parts of the world, all to be discarded by church. The idea is not to criticize church or others , but to reveal the truth so that children of god will come back with repentence. We believe in Father , Son, holy spirit and holy mother . We celebrate every thing including holy eucharist .

  67. then how come you are using Internet which ponnara claims to be evil. you claim all other religions are evil but you accept goods from them. you eat rice from andhra, vegetables from tamil nadu and you say that all hindu's belongings are evil. then know this 90% of the farmers in these places are hindus. then how come you eat it? that is why i say that your cult is double faced. Please reply to this.

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. Reply to the response section in EET website from micheal mohan prabhu has been published in the following blog with his permission.


  70. I really appreciate the prayers you do and the effort you put in reading bible. But sadly you are with the wrong guy, Mr.ponnara. He teaches the bible totally out of context. He makes you to sit for a series of retreats each longing a week duration with out allowing you to even communicate. For a normal human being this is enough for a perfect 'brain wash'. He misleads people by growing fear and confusion in people. Please beware of this guy and his Trust. Already one person among them had separated out and started a new sect by his own in mangalorean side. I see the normal protestant vigor in them too. But with time they again divide and subdivide. In EET it had just begun. I just pray that people understands this before it's too late....

  71. Check out http://www.ephesians-511.net/aboutus.htm for more reports and extensive research done by my dad (Michael Prabhu). He has been to the place physically and done a lot of damage to the cult after release of his reports.

  72. dear brothers,

    the response to critisims put by michael prabhu are mentioned below :
    they are more than sufficient

  73. madam-the air, the water and the food that you eat are impure unless you live and proclaim your heavenly fathers love and commandment.Even those who believe they are only man's ability are taking the side of devil. Tell me pornography is spread through out this world through internet or not. I am associated with schools in cochin , and i was informed by staff how the girls carry pornography magazines in their bags.Could you find these kind of info transmitting as divine.All gentiles/hindus who are righteous in front of god or rather due to gods mercy will soon hear this gospel and be saved before those catholics or any churches who claim they are the saved flock.Salvation is not a package self-guaranteed, but those who belive will have them if they are in lords book.
    Jesus blood purified many a things for the believers after his first coming , but idolarity and idol foods are never taken for purification.

    your question pertains to first commandment .
    Jesus asked:whats written in the law and what do you read?
    you atleast reiterate JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONE AND ONLY SAVIOUR and there is no other saviour ... I AM THE WAY TRUTH AND LIFE..atleast being a traditional catholic it will make sense.
    My heavenly father is just , why should he save somebody especially the people of judah(catholics) , who say they have other saviours also or other deitys .

    2 Thessalonians 2(9-12)
    9 The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, 10 and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

    ... So gods going to give a delusion who do not love truth(not satan)

  74. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Emperor Emmanuel Church came into formation only 5 years ago,the catholic church stood for 2000 years through all possible tremors and destruction this shows what Jesus said to St.Peter was true
    Fools Follow Men
    Church follows God

  75. TRUE... I believe everybody can see who is following men. We are following god by the way.
    There are 10,000 factions in pentacoastal community and many others including catholics. So there is something special , why they are only behind EE.Generally we can see that this defaming they try to do will slowly attract all the children of god to EE.

    HAHAHAHA am just reninded of this :
    1 Samuel 17 (41-47)
    " Meanwhile, the Philistine, with his shield bearer in front of him, kept coming closer to David. He looked David over and saw that he was little more than a boy, glowing with health and handsome, and he despised him. He said to David, “Am I a dog, that you come at me with sticks?” And the Philistine cursed David by his gods. “Come here,” he said, “and I’ll give your flesh to the birds and the wild animals!”

    David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the LORD will deliver you into my hands, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head. This very day I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds and the wild animals, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel. 47 All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the LORD saves; for the battle is the LORD’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.”

    To the Goliath we are saying : We come in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel... it is not by defaming/slandering or hiring rogues or by misusing gentiles (you have done all this and much moreb against us by now... but it is the LORDS BATTLE.

  76. “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. 7 Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come! 8 If your hand or your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life maimed or crippled than to have two hands or two feet and be thrown into eternal fire. 9 And if your eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell." ~Mathew 18:6

    Dear EE Guys,

    If you see the sentence "it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea", anybody can say that its as good as committing suicide.. So using these words can you justify commiting suicide is not a sin? Since everybody believes that commiting suicide is a sin, we try to interpret this Bible verse in a different way.. Jesus is trying to show the severity of the sin.

    I took this example to prove one point.. This is how Ponnara is interpreting the Bible, and he says that everything that is written in the Bible will come true. May be Joseph Ponnara might commit suicide because he managed lure so many people and screw their lives..

    Another question to EE guys..
    Will you cut your hands or feet, or gouge your eyes, if you feel that you have caused any one of his believers to stumble?


  77. Dear Good Samaritan,

    Do you think that the entire Catholic church is behind EE? Some 100-200 people is behind EE doesn't mean that the entire Catholic church is behind you.. The people behind you are suffering because of EE..

    In my case, I'm behind EE just because I don't want to see the people I care for lying dead..


  78. Time to think and pray and read bible every Day....Thank you see you

  79. learn from the past... I just want an answer...from you all; can you sit and read Bible...Only God can save you..Know Him...That is all about eternity

  80. Is reading Bible enough? or reading it in the way EE is reading is required??

  81. hi good samaritan,
    i would like to ask you about the rice you eat and the vegetables. the farmers whobelong to the hindu community used to do pooja's before and after the cultivation. i am asking a simple fact, i have heard mr. ponnara calling them devils(whoever who does the pooja and all), then how can you eat these products? does a purification done by your cult members? even if so what is the difference of it in accepting the food from temple?
    next about pornography you say, i would like you to understand the very fact that there is good and bad in everything. if internet has some good side, definitely satan will use it to be evil. same as the case with any technology or thing. a knife can be used to cut vegetables as well as to kill a man. so will you say that it is evil to use a knife then?it is our responsibility that is the elders, to guide our children. i had seen families where the parents make their children aware of such pit holes. we should be vigil about such things. and you seem to be pointing about girls. 'like girls did this, girls did that an all'. what do you think about boys doing these then? both genders have to be given equal awareness which nowadays catholic church is doing through catechism, for your kind information. and it is also the responsibility of the parents to send them to these endeavors.
    it has become a trend, which i had seen with many EET members. they were never regular to church, they didn't even bother to send their children to catechism and so n so...and one day they go to a retreat, comes back and proclaims that we are the only ones to be saved, you sinners, you all will die. remember there are still many a good families left in the same parish who really live by faith. but they are all sinners. and the only saints are these newly joined family. i am not saying that i am sad in they turning to prayers and all but i am sad in what they do after making all these prayers. cutting out family relations, claiming all others as fools and sinners. who gave them right to judge others? as you said if who ever believes in jesus and follows his teachings will be saved, then who are you to make judgments on this regard? this why i say that you are double faced. even if you don't do this, just remember that there are people who have joined your church doing like this.
    and yeah god's words are like a double edged sword but i said that your cult is a double faced one. so don't relate two extremities. and what about mr. thomas pulickal, why are you not supporting him these days?

  82. hi good samaritan,
    i would like to ask you about the rice you eat and the vegetables. the farmers whobelong to the hindu community used to do pooja's before and after the cultivation. i am asking a simple fact, i have heard mr. ponnara calling them devils(whoever who does the pooja and all), then how can you eat these products? does a purification done by your cult members? even if so what is the difference of it in accepting the food from temple?

  83. next about pornography you say, i would like you to understand the very fact that there is good and bad in everything. if internet has some good side, definitely satan will use it to be evil. same as the case with any technology or thing. a knife can be used to cut vegetables as well as to kill a man. so will you say that it is evil to use a knife then?it is our responsibility that is the elders, to guide our children. i had seen families where the parents make their children aware of such pit holes. we should be vigil about such things. and you seem to be pointing about girls. 'like girls did this, girls did that an all'. what do you think about boys doing these then? both genders have to be given equal awareness which nowadays catholic church is doing through catechism, for your kind information. and it is also the responsibility of the parents to send them to these endeavors.

  84. it has become a trend, which i had seen with many EET members. they were never regular to church, they didn't even bother to send their children to catechism and so n so...and one day they go to a retreat, comes back and proclaims that we are the only ones to be saved, you sinners, you all will die. remember there are still many a good families left in the same parish who really live by faith. but they are all sinners. and the only saints are these newly joined family. i am not saying that i am sad in they turning to prayers and all but i am sad in what they do after making all these prayers. cutting out family relations, claiming all others as fools and sinners. who gave them right to judge others? as you said if who ever believes in jesus and follows his teachings will be saved, then who are you to make judgments on this regard? this why i say that you are double faced. even if you don't do this, just remember that there are people who have joined your church doing like this.

  85. and yeah god's words are like a double edged sword but what i said is that your cult is a double faced one. so don't relate two extremities. and what about mr. thomas pulickal, why are you not supporting him these days?

  86. Luke 18:9-14

    9 To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable: 10 “Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. 11 The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. 12 I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’
    13 “But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’

    14 “I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

    Every body in EE is like this tax collector..We dont even dare look to heaven and are crying out that we are sinners and pleading for mercy.
    We are not judging anybody .Do you have humility in you , then you will find sin in you and plead before god. We eat all that rice and use internet, let no one be blinded.The vegetable,the rice, the farmers or the internet is not our topic in EE.I repeat , no claim of guaranteed salavtion is made here.
    but KINGDOM OF GOD=truth=words of eternal life from the poc bible only.

  87. Are you sure that EET is not using quotes from 'King James Version' ??? Plus is it true that the translator of mr.joseph ponnara , named shilja or something got divorced from her husband? how do you justify it if it is true?
    then if you eat rice cultivated by hindu farmers, i should ask you this, then why does mr. ponnara curse them the most?
    my words are clear. i am not blaming you for praying, but the same time remember your preachers allegations, are they all true? i had already shown in my silicon india blog that, he had been lying about the scientific evidences he provides during the retreat. also in the website of eet , it is said that only pure bible is taught. but 70% his speech consists of allegations on catholic church, the lies on science and other fictional stories. why is so?
    he is doing everything as he wishes, and why are you still not opposing it? why is thomas pulickal being opposed by your mr.ponnara now??
    in the name of god , whatever mr. ponnara does are just being avoided by you all. that's the truth.

  88. Mark 8:15
    Be careful," Jesus warned them. "Watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees and that of Herod."

    Why have you diverted all the attention from second coming of jesus christ and going behind all peripheral matters and giving many baseless allegations as well. Because if intentions are pure and the soul is binded by truth , then you will seek that.Can we seek glory of heavenly father and proclaim that his son is the only savior and there is no other saviour.
    The duty of the one preaching there is to tell the truth . Few priests came there to investigate in the disguise of press media and did not even dare to stand there for a minute after seeing that we have hundreds of live witnesses ,not allegations. We keep around 6000 records(paper and video clippings)and give proofs to whomsoever we ask.But our belief is in word of god and so we do not wish to publicize all these. Any doubt come across and we will show you.

  89. c'mon, cunning you are. that is what even i am also saying. so in the name of god what ever mr. ponnara does and say are ignorable and seek only the good right? see, you can do the same with the few priests too, who weren't so great in their lives in the catholic church. you say that only you believe in god and second coming of jesus, the catholic church stands on that base and it still, even though you may say some have failed. plus there are still people in the church who are still good and seek the will of the god. have you ever made a inquiry on 100% catholics(including priests and believers) before concluding catholic church lost its value. weren't you prejudice because of mr.ponnara's statements, and didn't you just take your experiences with a few, for your justification of the same?
    you say clippings and tapes, i don't know whether any priest stood it or not, why does that matter to me if i am stern in my faith?
    now look at your points, forget everything else, like behaviour, character and so n so of a person if he speaks out a few lines from bible. with evidence i had proved that ponnara had lied many times, plus many time many retreaters had heard him curse also. your tapes and clippings also stand as a proof. then tell me, isn't it written about the wolf coming under the cloth of the sheep, and about the tree producing bad fruit? ponnara curses priests and believers like he know 100% of them and some of them do that back, so tell me who is good in these? or simply who is winning in these. one answer satan. he is winning by making the sheep of god fight. that's all my point is. jesus will come and then ye shall see this with your own eyes!!!
    a humble servant of god(not perfect,not awesome),


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  91. If there are believers , why are you hurt and disgusted at truth.. yes wolf in sheeps clothinga and the tree which does not produce good fruit , was criticized by jesus about those who are presumed shepherds.. not by us.
    you find all these findings so interesting.

    Has jesus asked people to baptize anybody ?
    He has given three duties to his apostles ..
    Look at something more interesting , instead of baptizing humans they are going behind aliens now as if there are no humans left :



  92. Asha,
    You made a very good point..

    Dear GS,
    I've gone through the links that you posted. What did the astronomer say? Is that the official statement of Catholic church??

    Why are you guys acting so silly?? Why don't you look at Ponnara and compare with Joseph Kibweteere, and Rocco Leo?? Just do some study about these guys and just realise that Ponnara is the Wolf in disguise?

  93. The truth out there needs to be found out. Lets pray to jesus that he reveals it to everybody and nothing is hidden to anyone and anybody trying to cheat be punished.
    What according to the EE team , validate their reasons for the second coming ... i mean the time.. I could not find much in their web.

    The point also to be noted , the pope is not the ultimate and word of god is to be followed in context. But newly inculcated doctrines on evolution is notable and should be criticized. It is returining to monkeys rather than god and his first creation - adam and eve. similary doctrines on ressurection of body ,eucharist, immaculate mary are being diluted and attention is diverted to mass appealing doctrines.

    Never the less , it is high time for introspection of the so called church and churches.

    1. Jesus says :27My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me. John 10" This is why he spoke in parables.

  94. Good samaritan,
    you are very eager in diverging things, why don't you answer to my points. i said ponnara had lied with proof. what's your say..how do you justify it??

    and have you read the disclaimers in the EET website,

    5.We never compel or force anybody to join the Zion family. We never do any conversion of religion, nor do we tempt anyone to do so, because Zion is not a religion, but a congregation of people who adore God. Any reliance or attraction you place on the information of the website is, therefore, strictly at your own risk.

    note this- "strictly at your own risk"....

    10.The foundation of our Good News is “the Book of the LORD” mentioned in Isaiah 34:16 in the Holy Bible. The quotations both in English and Malayalam have been cited from various versions of Holy Bible containing 73 books and from certain Apocryphal Books.

    note this-"various versions of holy bible" and certain apocryphal books"....i would like to know about the publishers of these reference books of EET. .... can you tell me the versions you are using??

  95. There is no lie.. We have told the truth , we have only mentioned about the pot . There may be always good rice .but the pot for it will decide future for the rice.
    You pray that you get justice with your prayers and point of thoughts.

    whatever is mentioned in disclaimer is 100% true.
    disclaimer is to be given by everywebsite ,anyway what is mentioned is truth also. We are not forcing anybody , so point of concern does not arise . At your own faith and if anyone wish to risk worlds faith and worldly pleasures please come forward and attend retreat. For what is wide and leading to disater are where you are.
    Matthew 7:13
    "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

    All quotations from poc malaylam bible ,there are thousands of ee members and none of us are using any other version. Mistakes can be found by cross checking lingusitic versions.Check the bible you are using. Hope it is not a community biblle issued by catholic church with multi religious angles which says the love of meera bhai to krishna is same as magdalene mary to jesus.

  96. I was watching all the bolgs and got surprised why all the people of GOD (including catholics & non catholics, the members from EE) fighting each other.
    If Catholic church is wrong GOD will reveal it & EE is wrong that will also revealed by GOD. We will wait and see.
    We should not blame each other. After all we are all God's children (who ever it may be). Do right infront of GOD. rest of them leave it to GOD.

  97. Hey good samiritan for your kind information "FYI" it is not magdalene mary but its Mary Magdalene,You state your cowardly name as Good Samaritan not Samaritan Good.

  98. The Emperor Emmanuel church.. what are u people up to????
    why you want to distract faith of catholics.. LIVE AND LET LIVE.
    you people tried to distract me and my mom's faith in the train. And why do you people put rosary when you don't believe Mother Mary.
    I am no one to judge you people. but don't cheat any one and brain wash.HAIL MARY FULL OF GRACE. thank you

  99. World is coming to an end, so follow us to Bethlehem

    5 priests promise Palghar tribals protection from the 2012 ‘apocalypse’, saying only Christians living in Israel will survive

    Read the full story..


    Dear EE guys,

    Kindly open your eyes and read..

  100. JUDE
    10 But these men blaspheme whatever things they know not: and what things so ever they naturally know, like dumb beasts, in these they are corrupted.

    11 Woe unto them, for they have gone in the way of Cain: and after the error of Balaam they have for reward poured out themselves,
    and have perished in the contradiction of Core.

  101. Family, the cradle of the society and seed bed of church is being challenged from a host of forces today, here it is important; to mention that there is mutual dependence between the family and church existence. I.e. an ecclesial dimension to every Christian families and Christian vocation, and if the family is affected the church is being affected: the psycho spiritual enhancement of the family would enable to overcome the present days crisis

  102. when Catholic family life is weak. If this is true, then whatever we can do to stabilize Catholic family life and strengthen family ties

  103. Hi All,
    I am a software engineer. I am not an expert in theology. But I can confirm (with proof) from the websites which the emperor emmanuel church has, have put quite a few wrong and contradicting materials in it. Perhaps its Gods hand which has made this happen so that people can understand the truth.

    I would urge all people to please use your brains and pray to God the Almighty Father that he may allow you to remain close to Jesus Christ and help you stay away from the bad intentions of mad men like Joseph Ponnara

  104. if someone finds problems in ur house, what will u do? will u leave ur family & go & stay with ur neighbour and talk against ur family... i dont think any normal person would do this... i dont think these EE people know catholic church... " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with your entire mind'; i can show u 100s of catholic people do this.. do u know JESUS YOUTH - see how much vigour & effort they take to proclaim Word of God... haven't u heard of those catholic people who lived & died for christ..

  105. Emperor Emmanuel is almost a Satan worship Group. Jesus & Mother Marys name they use is just to misguide & attract people into their trap... They seem to be advocates of evil.. their members will go through some phases of adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, 20 idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, false religious teachings, 21 envy, murders, drunkenness and drug addiction, revelries, and the like..

  106. I have a car – Catholic 7.7 . I bought it off the lot and it came with all the extras. It was just the car I was looking for and it suits me perfectly. I was very happy with it.

    You had a similar car, but you didn’t like it. Some parts of it you liked, but overall you weren’t happy with it. So you got rid of it and started looking around the different car lots for another one. Everyone you saw had some features that you like, but some that you didn’t, so eventually, you took the only option you had available. You built your own : EET6.6.

    You took the best bits from my car, different bits from other cars you had seen and gradually over time began to assemble your own. It doesn’t look as good as mine. It may not run exactly as you had hoped. On occasion and you’ve had to replace a few items over the years. You were not ready to admit it. But the longer you have it, the more problems you had. The Parts from different cars didn’t looked good & didn’t match well. No spare parts available. You tried to sell, but nobody, even your greatest admirers bought it...
    Now you started to think; “My old car was the best one. “

  107. Shall I obey the Almighty God? or Shall I Obey the Catholic Church?...............

  108. OMG... So you mentioning that Catholic Church is equal to Al Mighty GOD

  109. why do you judge without actually understanding it yourself?? to all viewers who throw negative criticisms about emperor emmanuel, churh of light, i have just one thing to say... i was once, like you... but later i asked a question to myself... why does not the catholic church wrong those who go for pentecostal groups, black mass practices or for such anti- catholic intitutions...?? why only emperor emmanuel??? this church does not teach anything other than bible as such... so why cannot they accept it.?? so why are they going against without actually allowing us to know the truth??? frnds!!! these are mysteries which i dared to look in..today i have realised that what the catholic church hurl against this church is all illusions and false notions...i have heard the truth...i have known it.. i have found the detrioting catholic church to be wrong in all cases, in the very matter of calling this church as an evil cult or something of that sense..try to find out yourself by actually getting into the match-court... dont just lick others foot and comment....

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. @vincent: if who ever gets inside and droves the car Catholic 7.7 will be perished and who ever gets inside the car EET6.6 will be saved, which car we have to choose......

  112. i am proud to be catholic.jesus said you can recognize tree from its fruits.emperor is spreading hatred from the beginning.
    i think sooner the people of muriyad will deal with this emperror because they have allready ruined that much lives.

  113. Jesus said this word. Read 10:27-30, John 7:17-18;

  114. My name is Ajil Mathew. I believe in God.I do not know his name and all. But I know that the God will give me whenever I need. So no need of asking. There for my prayer lasts only for minutes, I love all my neighbours and friends irrespecttive of religion or class.I enjoy onam with them, Bakrid with them and X mas with me. If somebody is hungry I will dine with them. I stay with them. I love all them.
    So a person like me has no much knowledge in the Bible. So i do not know which is right or not. Should I follow emmanuel or church? What should we do?